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» oi Olýmpioi, Tag: Merc/Tony and Malcolm/Ryds
Jason Terrin
 Posted: Jan 21 2014, 04:28 PM
Student/Aquarium Guide
17 Years
160 LBS
District Four
11-January 14 • 20 Moneys


Jason walks down the stairs of the Pier, the whole racket of fun was making him annoyed, his one day off of the week from his hell of a job of, noisy kids and tourists asking stupid questions.

His day off was just going to be a nice day at the beach, he knew it was cold outside, but he was used to coldness, so he took off his shirt and set his towel on a beach chair nicely. He dived into the water, getting used to the cold of the water fairly quickly, he sighed annoyingly when he felt all the crawfish tickle his toes, but he just kept swimming close to the shore, it was actually a sunny day out and it war fairly warm, but still cold.

Jason dove under the water and came back up, his curly hair strung down all over his face. Jason loved when his curly hair sank down when it was wet.

user posted image
This set was made from Gem the Doge
Malcolm Lees
 Posted: Jan 22 2014, 07:23 PM
18 Years
159 LBS
District Four
20-October 13 • 290 Moneys


Just because the Games were going on didn’t mean Malcolm could slack off his training. With the whole seasonal Games, he now had several more chances of being reaped. Better to be over prepared than under. Although, being over prepared could be bad too.

Anyway, Malcolm was running, the sand giving way under his feet. The day was crisp, not as cold as it had been previously, but cold enough. The ocean met the land with rolling waves; the sound of them breaking constant in his ears. He’d been going to the shore more often the past few days and weeks and was glad he did so. Once in a while he’d go swimming, but not for long. He still had things to be done afterwards that couldn’t wait for hours. He had responsibilities. Today, though, was one of those rare days he didn’t have anything better to do, so, perhaps when he was done with his run, he could go swimming.

Glancing over the water he noticed someone had the same idea. Slowing down, he began to walk, moving around a chair and towel. Malcolm stopped and watched for a moment.
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